Vision Care


ANEW, in partnership with Sight Care Foundation, began its “Vision Care Technician” course in 2010 to meet the society’s increasing need for vision care practitioners. Students who have completed high school education, with basic mathematical aptitude, are eligible to enroll. The course duration is 5 months. While the theory classes are conducted at ANEW, the girls are sent for practical training to eye camps where they assist doctors.

Sight Care Foundation

Sight Care Foundation provides the trainer and also co-certifies ANEW’s Vision Care Technician course. The Foundation is active in the field of Vision Care with the objective of eliminating avoidable blindness due to Refractive Errors. They train Vision Care Technicians and Optometrists and also conduct outreach camps for Eye Care at various camps and hospitals in the city.


On completion of the course, the trainees are placed successfully in eye clinics and with opticians. Some enterprising students have also gone on to set up their own eye testing centres with the help of well-wishers and the support of ANEW and Sight Care Foundation.