Basil Sellers

Mr. Basil Sellers, a philanthropist, is an Indian-born, Australian citizen, originally hailing from a village near Mumbai. He was one of the first to offer a substantial donation to ANEW, from his trust, in 1998. Mr. Sellers is a great pillar of support, contributing generously to help ANEW in its cause. He visits ANEW periodically to monitor the progress of the organisation and give valuable insights. ANEW is the only non-profit, outside of Australia, that Mr. Sellers supports!

Chennai Willingdon Corporate Foundation

The late V Narayanan, Founder-Trustee of Chennai Willingdon Corporate Foundation, is also a patron of ANEW. The foundation helped ANEW set up its first computer lab in 2001 and later, again pitched in to help ANEW move into its own premises in 2007.

The Paynes

William and Jennifer Payne, are Australians, who currently live in Europe and are involved in philanthropy in a number of countries in Asia. They had a set criteria for investments in charities – they wished to focus on health, education and well-being of children and young people, build a trusting relationship with the people who manage each project and have a good understanding of the budgets, beneficiaries and the ‘money trail’. Anew fitted the bill and over the years, ANEW has received constant support from the couple.