Management Committee

Lakshmi Kumar – President (1997 – 2003)

Mrs. Lakshmi Kumar was instrumental in laying the strong foundation for the organization. The calm, dignified way in which she approached the initial hurdles in administrative issues to ensure smooth functioning of the organization continues to be an inspiration for the present committee. In her soft-spoken, gentle way, she set ANEW on its path to success.

Late Vatsala Ramakrishnan – President (2003 – 2005)

Mrs. Vatsala Ramakrishnan initiated many projects during her term as ANEW’s President. She also got it the much-needed exposure among the public. A dynamic and able leader, in her short span as President, she not only pioneered truly non-traditional courses for the underprivileged women, but continues to inspire the present committee in spirit even though she is no more.

Dr. Annalakshmi – President (2005 – 2013) & Treasurer (2015-2018)

A doctorate in life sciences, Annalakshmi is one of the founder members of ANEW and has been with the organization since its inception in 1997. When she took over responsibilities as the President in 2005, she had been assisting the previous office bearers and had gained immense knowledge and experience in this field. She is currently the treasurer and is also responsible for Computer Trainee placements along with Vision Care and Car Driving projects. Anu shares responsibilities with the President, connecting and interacting with sponsors, forging new relationships and assisting in the day to day operations of ANEW. Dr. Annalakshmi believes in the cause very strongly and feels a compelling need to make a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged women and is determined to reach out and help as many women as possible. Anu’s quick decision-making ability, her leadership skills and her selfless focus on ANEW have made her synonymous with the organization.

Vinodini Sudhindran – President (2013 onwards)

A science graduate, Vinodini has been with ANEW since its early years. She has performed the roles and responsibilities of a secretary for several years alongside Dr. Annalakshmi. In the year 2013, she moved on to her new role as the President of ANEW. She is responsible for executing the office’s duties and ensuring smooth functioning of the organization and is also responsible for the Vision Care & Car Driving projects at ANEW. Diplomatic and thoughtful, her openness to people and ideas and her balanced approach to issues have enabled ANEW to continue growing without breaking stride. Vinodini is an ex-President and current member of Soroptimist, Chennai.

Sumalini Shrikumar – Secretary (2015 onwards)

Sumalini is a post graduate in Child Development and Family Relationships. She is a freelance Soft Skills and Communication trainer specializing in Voice and Accent Neutralization. She has used her experience in the corporate world to introduce, coordinate and facilitate the Spoken English &Life Skills program at ANEW. Her social media initiatives have enabled ANEW to get much visibility. She is friendly and easy to approach and interacts with the trainees on a regular basis. Sumalini is also a volunteer at Lakshmi Pain and Palliative Care.

Ranjini Venugopal – Administration Committee

A post graduate in science, she is responsible for the administrative work which includes maintaining records, book keeping, stock registering and all work essential for smooth functioning of administration at ANEW. Ranjini, began as a volunteer, to assist with administration work at ANEW but decided to contribute more when she witnessed the impact of ANEW on the lives of underprivileged women. She shares her well-considered opinions openly, bringing stability to the team. Order and organisation are her strengths and they have greatly benefited ANEW’s team. Ranjini has previously volunteered with Can-Stop, an NGO working with cancer patients. She was actively involved in “play therapy” for the paediatric cancer patients.

Sujata Paulose -Treasurer (2018 onwards) & Computer applications Committee

A post graduate in Mathematics, Sujatha, is an entrepreneur, managing a logistics and software company in Chennai. She is part of the team in charge of the computer department at ANEW. With her corporate experience, she guides ANEW on decisions regarding staff, rules and regulations. All heart, she is also level-headed and enterprising, abilities that greatly help the ANEW team to look for innovative solutions. Sujatha is also one of the trustees at Banyan, a care centre for mentally disabled women and also volunteers at Gnanadeepam, school for mentally disabled children.

Sathya Anbajagane – Computer applications Committee

A graduate in engineering and a computer professional with work experience in the US, Sathya, oversees the computer courses at ANEW. Her domain knowledge and her constant desire to do more for ANEW, especially the computer course, have ensured that ANEW’s training is relevant and up-to-date. She has also done much to improve the placement rate of the computer trainees with special focus on hearing impaired candidates. Sathya is also a committee member of ICCW, Indian Council for Child Welfare, an NGO working for the cause of all children related issues.

Vijayalakshmi Rao – Mentor/Advisor

Vijayalakshmi is a management graduate from IIMA, past Director & COO of scope E-Knowledge, andcurrent mentor/advisor for the women empowerment & entrepreneur program with Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad. With her years of experience in the corporate world, Viji mentors ANEW on a wide range of issues. She plays a key role in guiding the management to envision future growth plans and also in ensuring its successful implementation. Her measured and well-thought-out perspective has helped ANEW immensely.

Shyamala Kenneth – Administration Committee

A graduate in Science, Shyamala has been supporting the administration and accounting work at ANEW. The committee relies on her for order in terms of meticulous documentation and maintenance of archives. She also ensures the right reach of ANEW courses by the strict implementation of the candidate screening process during admissions.

Badrunnisa Mahadevan–Spoken English Committee

A post graduate in history, Badrunnisa had done an online course in teaching English as a foreign language and had shared this expertise as a Spoken English teacher at ANEW. She was also responsible for coordinating the Home Nursing course in the initial years. Badrunnisa continues to support ANEW and is an active participant of the ‘Battle of the Buffet’ fund raiser that ANEW is a part of. Badrunnisa is also a committee member of Cheshire Home, a care-centre for the disabled.