IT Skills

1. Daisy Aruna
Designed to Succeed

A bright-eyed young girl walked into ANEW one day. Her name was Daisy Aruna, and it was the last day of her B.Sc. Chemistry course at college. Passionate about designing, she had heard about ANEW’s web designing course from a friend, and wanted to join it. Although the course was already underway at ANEW, seeing her eagerness, she was allowed to enrol. Daisy’s work vindicated the trust the ANEW staff placed in her. After Basic IT, she joined the DTP course at ANEW. A session by a Polaris employee in design expanded her mind. Her attitude and sincerity led her to attend an interview at Polaris, which resulted in a job offer.

“Subbaiyan sir had taught us the importance of being truthful. So during the interview, I informed the interviewer that I still had to clear one paper in my college exam.” She believes this honesty won her the job that day. Currently, 3 yrs. hence, she is proud that her salary has increased considerably! Daisy credits ANEW for the turn her life took. She is a first generation girl graduate from her family. Though her parents were supportive, her uncles and aunts were sceptical. She exemplifies the point that even with education, talented girls need an organisation like ANEW to channelize their creativity, give them appropriate training and the right exposure to find a footing in the world.

2. Ranjitha
Holistic training to start life Anew

Ranjitha describes her former self as a quiet girl who had no self-confidence. Today, she is an entirely new person, thanks both to ANEW and to her stepfather, who has been very encouraging and supportive of her. Ranjitha had completed her BBA to become the first graduate in her family, braving opposition from relatives to do so. She got a job as a tele-caller, and worked for a while, but when the company shut down, she didn’t know what to do. That was when she came to hear of ANEW. She joined the Basic IT course, and life changed completely for her. Through ANEW, she, along with the rest of her batch, got an opportunity to attend ICICI bank’s soft skills training. This training, she feels, changed the tenor of her life. “I used to make mistakes when I was doing the course but the teachers at ANEW were very encouraging and guided me well,” she says. The course helped her get a bank job with a beginner’s salary of Rs. 12,000/- immediately after she completed the training. Now Ranjitha has every reason to hope for a better life.

3. Sreedevi
The Swan

Confident, bold and decisive – this is how one would describe Sreedevi today. Sreedevi is currently working at L&T as a software associate. But that wasn’t how it always was. Her family circumstances had changed for the worse when her father’s export business collapsed. She was sent to live with her maternal grandmother when she was very young. Money was hard to come by, and she had to rely on support not only from her grandmother and uncle, but also from the parents of friends, to complete her school education. Once Sreedevi entered college, she took matters into her own hands. She started giving tuitions and paid for her own education. On hearing about ANEW at her college, she signed up for the web-designing course. She says that Mr. Subbaiyan and the computer teachers helped her overcome her hesitation and soon, be it at ANEW or at her college, her quiet confidence started getting noticed by all. “At ANEW, I was once asked to share my experience of transformation with the class, and that was a new experience for me which further boosted my confidence,” she recollects with a smile. “I would always long for a father and a family life though I am very bold,” she admits candidly. But after coming to ANEW and seeing older, abandoned women doing the nursing course and young hearing impaired girls taking up the computer course, she says she is able to appreciate her blessings better.