IT for Hearing Impaired

No Limitations to Achievement!

Jyothi is hearing impaired, but an achiever all the way! Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, she was abandoned by her mother. Her drunken father brought her up. When she was studying at the MGR Janaki College, she attended computer classes every weekend at ANEW. She did not get a job immediately after graduation, but she did not want to go back home due to the circumstances there. As a special case, ANEW found a sponsor for her stay at the college hostel till she found a job. And she did find one! She has been working with Capgemini Consulting since 2014. She helps the Accounts department with data entry. Normally, ANEW initially sends an interpreter with hearing impaired girls to their places of work. But in Jyothi’s case, it was not needed! Her enterprising attitude has won her ‘The Best Employee of the Quarter’ award at Capgemini, among both general and differently-abled employees.