Impact Stories

At ANEW, all the activities that have benefited the target group of women are carefully nurtured and strengthened to suit the changing times. However, ANEW is prudent in not introducing too many courses, or spreading out geographically. It focuses on doing well whatever course runs at ANEW. Even if the numbers are less, ANEW believes in being more impactful, so that every girl who walks out of ANEW does so, not just with a certificate for a particular skill but with a job she wishes to do and lots of confidence to handle her life at the home front and work place.

Courses are selected based on research of industry needs. Content is constantly evaluated and course-corrected whenever needed, to ensure that the impact that the trainees make at the workplace is relevant and meaningful.

One theme emerges strong at the end of their training – along with the certification, each trainee cherishes the confidence and the new self-esteem they have won for themselves.

ANEW has touched thousands of lives every year. It is not just the life of a woman that gets transformed. The empowerment creates a ripple effect by impacting her family & amplifying the effect three to four times. It is a slow and invisible revolution, the impact of which will be realised in a few years as well as decades later.