ANEW is a non-government, non-profit, charitable association registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Act and with The Director of Income Tax (Exemption), Chennai. ANEW believes in empowering women disadvantaged due to birth and lack of opportunity and it works on the premise that by providing women vocational skills, they can be made financially independent.

ANEW was established in 1997 thanks to the boundless enthusiasm and tireless efforts of its Founders, Mr. MK Kumar and Mrs. Lakshmi Kumar, ably assisted by founding members Vatsala Ramakrishnan and Dr Annalakshmi.

In the early years Mr Ravindran of Paracor Company Inc. [Paracor], ANEW’s major supporter, established an organization called “Friends of ANEW” in the USA to provide fiscal support for the cause of ANEW. Peirce Leslie India and Chennai Willingdon Corporate Foundation were also major supporters of ANEW during its fledgling years. As the organization grew, Paracor introduced ANEW to international philanthropists like Mr Basil Sellers and Mr & Mrs William Payne, who provided substantial funds on an on-going basis.

Several Patrons, Supporters, and Associates have contributed to ANEW’s growth in various ways throughout its successful journey. Currently, the various programs at ANEW – Home Nursing, Computers, Driving & Vision Care – are entirely supported by donations from the corporate sector, philanthropists and other well-wishers.

For society to change for the better, it is essential that the lot of women improves and they wield the power to determine the course of their lives with confidence and understanding. That’s the kind of change ANEW has made possible by transforming not just the lives of the women, but also the very mind-sets and goals of their families.

Over the years, ANEW, with a firm purpose and a committed Management Team has expanded its innovative courses and reached out to less privileged women from different backgrounds with varied interests and skill sets. Determined to hold on to its strong belief, “Educate a woman, Empower a family”, ANEW constantly endeavours to explore and introduce new courses into its curriculum and also to enhance its existing courses in order to create sustainable employment. With 1000s of women already trained and employed in various formal employment sectors, ANEW envisions to train and find employment for another 1000 women every year.