Corporate Sponsor

How Corporates can make an Impact

ANEW receives a substantial amount of its funding support from Corporate Sponsors. ANEW can meet with your corporate executives, CSR departments and charitable foundations to present tailored proposals that align with your organisational values and goals for social change.

Various ways a corporate can help ANEW through sponsorship and funding

  1. Sponsoring a batch of students in a specific course E.g., A batch of 50 girls in the Nursing program.
  2. Partially or fully funding a specific course for a specified period of time E.g., funding the entire DTP course for one year. This will include both fixed and variable expenses.
  3. Funding of faculty salary and running expenses for a specific program E.g., paying for the trainer’s salary, petrol and maintenance costs in our Car driving program.
  4. Setting up an additional Computer Lab to meet ANEW’s growing requirements. This would include computers, UPS, cabling & related expenses etc..
  5. Funding purchase of computers and other infrastructural requirements of ANEW.
  6. Donating old and refurbished computers which are in good working condition with specifications that meet ANEW’s requirements.

ANEW can work with Foundations and Corporate Sponsors to set up a phased implementation program and agree on measurable indicators of success and milestone outcomes, with ongoing reporting of performance to a Program Steering Committee.

ANEW offers a program for change, based on a model that has been proven in the field, is scalable and constrained only by funding. A partnership with Corporate Sponsors will achieve social and economic outcomes in alignment with the goals of the sponsors. The opportunity to present a detailed project proposal is the starting step for such an initiative.

ANEW is proud to have organisations such as Cognizant, Mahindra, RR Donnelley & Hyundai amongst others, as its corporate sponsors.

Corporate Volunteer
Volunteer Opportunities

In the past, we have worked with corporate volunteers and found certain areas that they could actively contribute and make a difference. Please provide us an opportunity to make a presentation about our organization and the work we do in your office premises.

We have provided the options here for you to consider –

  • Make our organization part of your corporate social responsibility program.
  • Offer internship programs for our trainees in their relevant field of training, to provide them exposure to work environment.
  • Offer “train the trainers” program to keep our staff updated with the current market trends or conduct workshops in your premises.
  • Help our staff review and update syllabus and course materials to suit market needs.
  • Introduce us to your network of industry related people who could also contribute to our organization.
  • Provide opportunities in your concern for eligible candidates.
  • Design and teach a life skills module to students or serve as a guest lecturer.
  • Help us raise money and awareness for ANEW by campaigning about us through your social networking sites and other activities.
  • Register yourself as a committed “buddy” to select few trainees, to constantly mentor and guide them throughout their course time at ANEW.