Awards and Recognition

Awards and Recognition

ANEW has become a highly respected NGO over the years, winning awards and recognition from across the country. ANEW cherishes the awards received as recognition of the social impact it has been making through the upliftment and empowerment of socially underprivileged women, since its inception in 1997.  

Below is a list of some of the awards and recognition that ANEW has received –

  • AWARD – “The Women Achiever” Award under the SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR (NGO) category
    • FELICITATED BY – FICCI FLO, Chennai Chapter
    • YEAR – 2019 

“The Women Achiever” Award under the SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR (NGO) category was received by Vinodini Sudhindran, President, ANEW, in appreciation of the dedicated service rendered through ANEW in helping less-privileged women through skill training and placement.

  • AWARD – Sraina Puraskar
    • FELICITATED BY – Women’s Christian College (WCC)
    • YEAR – 2019

The “Sraina Puraskar” Award was awarded to Ms. Sumalini Shrikumar, Secretary, ANEW, by her alma mater, WCC, in appreciation of the outstanding service done by an alumna to the community.

  • AWARD – The Outstanding Woman Of The Year Award
    • FELICITATED BY – Inner Wheel Club of Madras Cosmos, District 323
    • YEAR – 2017

Outstanding Woman Of The Year Award (2016 – 2017) was awarded to Mrs Lakshmi Kumar, Founder President, ANEW, by Inner Wheel Club of Madras Cosmos, as a tribute to her outstanding service towards the cause of empowering less-privileged women.

  • AWARD – Award of Citation – ‘Trans Ally of the Year’
    • FELICITATED BY – Born2Win Social Welfare Trust
    • YEAR – 2017

 Award of Citation – ‘Trans Ally of the Year’ (2017) was awarded to Anew – by Born2Win for the help extended by ANEW to the transgender community.

  • AWARD – Women Achievers Award
    • FELICITATED BY – 8 Rotary Clubs of R.I. 3230 – R C Alandur, AnnaNagar Aditya, Chennai Carnatic. KK Nagar, Mid city, Madras Centenary Commemoration, Madras North and Silver Beach
    • YEAR – 2016

 Women Achievers Award was awarded to Ms Vinodini, President and, Dr Annalakshmi, Treasurer, ANEW, in recognition of their service rendered to the society through ANEW.

  • AWARD – Dasra Girl Power Awards
    • FELICITATED BY – Dasra
    • YEAR – 2015

ANEW was awarded the 2nd place at the Dasra Girl Power Award – Employability (March 2015), held at the Bombay Stock Exchange.

  • RECOGNITION – Donation from the Birlas
    • FELICITATED BY – Kumaramangalam & Neerja Birla,
    • YEAR – 2014

Kumaramangalam & Neerja Birla selected ANEW as one of 20 credible NGOs in India, providing vocational skills training, to receive a donation to mark their 25th wedding anniversary (May 2014).

  • AWARD – Certificate of Appreciation
    • FELICITATED BY – NIIT Foundation
    • YEAR – 2014

NIIT Foundation awarded ANEW a Certificate of Appreciation (2014) for outstanding contribution towards creating an impact in the lives of underserved youth.

  • AWARD – Kurunji Award – V Subbaiyan, Administration Manager
    • FELICITATED BY – Inner Wheel Club, district 323
    • YEAR – 2013

Kurunji Award for outstanding contribution at the grassroots level was awarded to Mr V Subbaiyan, Administration Manager – ANEW, by Inner Wheel Club, district 323.

  • AWARD – Woman Achiever Award & Outstanding Award (Institutional)
    • YEAR – 2012

Annual Woman Achiever Award (2011-2012) for Dr Annalakshmi and Vinodini & Outstanding Award 2011-2012 (Institutional) to ANEW was awarded by AABLA in recognition of their service towards women empowerment.

  • AWARD – Certification of Accreditation
    • FELICITATED BY – Credibility Alliance
    • YEAR – 2010 

ANEW was awarded the Certification of Accreditation for Good Governance by Credibility Alliance in 2010.

  • AWARD – Women of the Year Award
    • FELICITATED BY – FLO, Chennai Chapter
    • YEAR – 2010 

Women of the Year Award (2009-2010) were awarded to Dr Annalakshmi, for making a difference in the lives of the underprivileged women by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry- FICCI, Ladies Organization, (FLO), Chennai Chapter.

  • AWARD – Suchir Seva Award
    • YEAR – 2007 

The Suchir Seva Award for grassroots-level workers was awarded to Mr V Subbaiyan, Admin Manager, ANEW, by CIOSA in 2007.

  • AWARD – Vocational Service Award
    • FELICITATED BY – Rotary Club of Chennai, Mid City
    • YEAR – 2006

ANEW received the Vocational Service Award from Rotary Club of Chennai, Mid City, in 2006 for outstanding contribution to the Group Study Exchange program of the district with District 1220, UK and District 5220, USA, during the Rotary year 2005-2006