ANEW Volunteers

ANEW Volunteers

Volunteers are an integral part of ANEW’s training programs. They have always lent their time and energy whenever needed. We have interns from various city colleges, specializing in social work, volunteering at ANEW. Some volunteers contribute their time for a particular project for a specific period of time. Others have committed their time unconditionally to ANEW and its mission over the years. Some of themare acknowledged here.

Ms.Sheila Abraham, English Teacher

Sheila, a trained teacher, had quit a corporate job when she heard about ANEW from a friend. ANEW was at that time looking for a dedicated English teacher to structure a course to ensure effective training. Sheila took up the daunting job, two hours a day, thrice a week. She realised that the different groups of girls had different requirements and had to make lesson plans to suit the diverse needs. Building up the women’s confidence in the language in the short three months that they are at ANEW is her forte.

Ms. Kamala Muthiah, English Teacher

Kamala, an ex-committee member, started as a Spoken English teacher at ANEW but was soon involved in all aspects of running the organization. Today, in spite of her pressing personal and professional responsibilities, she continues to be a well-wisher and supports ANEW in all its endeavours.

Ms. Tara Rao, English Teacher

Tara, an ex-committee member, is a volunteer English teacher who has stayed connected with ANEW over the years. She too was part of the ANEW team until personal responsibilities needed her attention. Tara believes in ANEW’s work and holds its mission close to her heart. She helps spread awareness about the organization and has many a time brought in funds from local and international friends and Rotary Clubs.

Ms.Nirmala Jayaraj, English Language Trainer

A consultant and language trainer with several corporate bodies including the British Council has been with the organization for several years as a committed volunteer. She has been helping ANEW with spoken English classes and her classes make a lot of difference to the lives of the trainees at ANEW, raising their self-esteem and giving them the confidence to face the work environment.

Mr. Freddy Koshy, Trainer, Life Skills

Freddy Koshy, Trainer, Life Skills, is a self-styled Management Trainer, who runs GoRevival, an Institute for Training & Consultancy. Marketing, sales, attitude training and Spoken English are some of the areas in which he specialises. Much travelled in India and abroad, he was looking to contribute to society in some meaningful way when the opportunity presented by ANEW came his way. His program, based on psycho-social abilities, is a career readiness package focussing on interpersonal skills.