ANEW Volunteers

Volunteers are an integral part of ANEW's operations. They have always lent their time and energy whenever needed. We have interns from city colleges specializing in social work, volunteering at ANEW. They take up some of our administrative load during their term with us. Some volunteers contribute their time for a particular project for a specific period of time, especially during summer, when we have more number of girls enrolled. There are others, highly dependable volunteers, who have committed their time unconditionally to our organization, for the past few years. They have been acknowledged here.

Mrs.Nirmala Jayaraj, English Language Trainer

A consultant and language trainer with several corporate bodies including the British Council has been with the organization for several years as a committed volunteer. She has been helping ANEW with spoken English classes. Her classes make a lot of difference to the lives of the trainees at ANEW, raising their self esteem and giving them the confidence to face the work environment.

Mrs.Sheila Abraham, English Teacher

She takes her job as a spoken English teacher seriously and is a very sincere teacher. She constantly improvises her syllabus and teaching methodology in order to reach out to her batch of girls, which includes women who have had very basic education. Her patience and a gentle demeanor have made her one of the valuable assets at ANEW.

Mr. R.R Pandalai , Counselor

Mr. R.R. Pandalai, a retired Director on the Board of Electronics Corporation of India (Dept. of Atomic Energy, GOI) conducts counseling sessions for the underprivileged trainees. His classes include much needed Basic Life skills like Career Guidance, tips on attending interviews, workplace issues, Finance & Home Budgeting, Rights Duties & Responsibilities of a good citizen, environment, Health & safety and Empowerment of women. Additionally he also provides valuable suggestions in handling Administrative issues of ANEW. He also conducts classes on Motivation.

Mrs. Radha Balakrishnan, Counselor

Mrs. Radha, a retired Chief commissioner of Income tax, conducts softskills training with emphasis on pre-interview preparatory sessions for computer skills trainees. She shares her experiences/challenges as a career woman holding high office with the govt, to motivate and inspire them. Her sessions have been highly appreciated and enthusiastically attended by the trainees.

Ms.Nirmala D'Souza, Counselor

Ms.Nirmala a freelance corporate communication specialist, conducts special softskills training sessions for the driving course trainees . The sessions help the trainees to conduct themselves with self confidence while on the road and to learn few sentences of basic english. She also actively involves herself in the projects involving the hearing and speech impaired candidates at ANEW.