ANEW Staff

Administration Manager

Mr. V.Subbaiyan, has been with ANEW as its Administration Manager for the past several years. He was trained as a social worker at Gandhi Niketan. He began his career as a social worker at Gandhi Peace Foundation centre. Before taking up the responsibilities at ANEW he was the Director of Ashaniketan, F.M.R India (Fellowship with mentally retarded). He is in charge of administrative responsibilities at ANEW and also coordinates Car driving and Home nursing projects. Subbaiyan, plays an important role in campaigning for ANEW, to reach out to the underprivileged women. He also provides emotional support to the trainees as their counselor. With his strong background and experience as a social worker, Mr.Subbaiyan has been the pillar of strength to ANEW.

Tanya Verony
Project Manager

Ms.Tanya Verony, a MBA-Technology Management graduate with science background, has joined the ANEW team as Project Manager recently. In the beginning of her career, she was with publishing industry, India Today group. She then served as Administrative manager for a software consulting company. Tanya is responsible for coordination of computer and optometry projects. Her main responsibility being communicating with associates, sponsors and well wishers on behalf of ANEW. She plays the supporting role to Mr.Subbaiyan in all activities of ANEW.

Office Assistant

Ms. Shanthi, a 12th pass and alumni of ANEW, has been working as office assistant at ANEW.  Her role mainly is to assist the administrative manager and project manager in executing their responsibilities.  Shanthi, is bright, energetic and an able staff assisting in the management of day to day functioning at ANEW.

Trainer, ICT skills

Ms. Jamila, a MCA graduate, is a NIIT Foundation certified Basic IT skills and DTP course trainer at ANEW. Additionally, she underwent Spoken English training conducted by Tech Mahindra Foundation as part of ANEW-TMF partnership program. She has a positive and understanding approach towards students and a strong commitment to the organization. She commutes close to 50km to the center everyday and sets a fine example to her students on punctuality and commitment. She also assists with maintaining placement records of the trainees.

Dhana Lakshmi
Trainer, ICT skills

Ms. Dhana lakshmi, a Computer Science Graduate, is a Basic IT Skills trainer with a flair for learning new IT skills. She is a creative and patient teacher and she sincerely infuses her confident and positive attitude in her students, inspiring and motivating them. Dhanalakshmi patiently handles the special batch of hearing/speech impaired ICT trainees providing individual attention to each of them. She is also responsible for preparing a comprehensive trainer's manual for IT skills programs

Bakya Lakshmi
Consultant trainer, ICT skills

Ms. Bakya Lakshmi, a Human Resource Management graduate with science background is a Tally trainer with additional training provided by Tally Academy as part of their social initiative. She is an alumni of ANEW and has made use of the opportunity provided a few years ago by ANEW, to find employment and improve her skills further. She has decided to contribute back to ANEW by returning here as a trainer. She is a meticulous and a conscientious trainer, always prioritizing quality of teaching in the forefront.
She also plays the role of a placement officer for all the computer programs at ANEW. Her highly persuasive communication skills and social connect has helped ANEW trainees to be placed in well paid, secure jobs in alignment with their requirements.

Trainer, Home Nursing

Ms. Jessy, A registered RNRM, has been teaching home nursing modules at ANEW. She has worked as a nurse in premium hospitals that includes St. Isabel's Hospital. Jessy, a patient and quiet worker, shares with the students the knowledge gained from her own experience as a nurse, handling patients in hospitals. An innovative trainer, She has brought in a sense of self respect and discipline to the trainees. She is also responsible for coordinating, and periodic supervising of the trainees during their internship program with hospitals and care centers.

Trainer, Car Driving

Ms. Revathi is an alumni of car driving course at ANEW. She works part time at ANEW as a driving instructor and additionally she conducts private driving classes during leisure hours. She is a dynamic and energetic trainer with a good knowledge of car mechanism. Her understanding and patience helps to build confidence in the underprivileged driving trainees.

Trainer, Auto driving

Mr. Shanmugam has been teaching our students auto driving. He is instrumental in instilling the confidence in the trainees, to overcome their road fear. Shanmugam, called affectionately as “shanmugam anna” by the trainees is a dependable staff to help with day to day functioning of the organization.