ANEW offers need based training programs in various areas, after a feasibility study involving the number of beneficiaries and the employability rates on completion of the course. The courses are of short duration, considering the economical background of the students, so that they are financially independent as quickly as possible. ANEW also conducts alumni meets with past students and employer meets with the employers of ANEW trainees to discuss various issues. Graduation day is celebrated by the entire team at ANEW to appreciate the motivation and hard effort put in by the students. Successful alumni students and path breakers in the society are invited to provide inspiration to the graduating trainees. International women’s day is another important day observed at ANEW, with activities for the students to participate and enjoy.

Nursing Assistant

Underprivileged women who have completed middle school level education, are eligible to train as nursing assistants at ANEW. This course is supplemented with spoken English and Personality Development classes. The trainees are required to attend orientation programs at the Banyan (Home for destitute women), KarnaPrayag (adoption centre), Little sisters of the poor (Home for the aged) and SCARF (Centre for Schizophrenia), as part of their course work. They also undergo practical training at Sundaram Medical Foundation (SMF), Appasamy Hospitals and Bone & Joint clinic in Annanagar for hands on training in speciality care. Basic physio therapy sessions are also provided as part of the course. On completing the 6 months course work, they are certified by the SMF as nursing assistants. Alumni students are provided with refresher courses to update their skills. This course has the widest reach, among women who are the most vulnerable and are at the lowest rung of the social ladder. The trainees are in high demand for their services, as nursing assistants to take care of the patients at home.

The average salary of a nursing assistant ranges from Rs.7000 to Rs.9000/month

IT Skills

Underprivileged women who have completed high school level education, are eligible to train in computer skills at ANEW. The growing demand for basic computer skills in the emerging IT industry has made this a popular course among the women. They learn basic computer skills for 4 months and they also attend supplementary classes in English and self awareness. On completion of their course they are required to undergo internship with an organization that volunteers to train them for a period of time. They also have an opportunity to pursue an advanced computer course in Multimedia / Tally / Web Designing for an additional 4 months, depending on their aptitude and performance level.

The Basic IT program and Tally are partially funded by our funding partner Give india Foundation and certified by the NIIT Foundation. The IT skills course has been consistently providing well paid jobs and provides an opportunity for the trainees to grow further in their career.

ANEW also offers an outreach program at Puzhal central prison for the eligible women inmates. The course is being conducted by trainers trained at ANEW and certified by NIIT Foundation. Inmates who have completed the course are assessed and certified by NIIT Foundation.

Hearing Impaired IT Skills

Underprivileged Hearing impaired candidates who have completed high school level education, are eligible to train in IT skills at ANEW. The candidates are taught by a hearing impaired computer tutor assisted by a hearing abled teacher. On course completion candidates are assessed and certified by the NIIT Foundation.

The IT skills course has been providing an opportunity for the underprivileged hearing impaired candidates to move away from food and beverage industry to a more sustainable job prospects. The average income of a trainee ranges from Rs.5000 to Rs.10000/month

Auto/Car driving

ANEW lived up to the belief in "non traditional" employment, by pioneering a course in driving for the students who had the aptitude and dream to take control of their lives, by staying behind the wheels.  This course has been the pride of ANEW.  

On selection, the women are sent to Venkateshwara driving school to train and procure license. Subsequently, they train at ANEW using the donated car/auto to gain confidence. The trainees are then certified by AASI. They are further provided hands on training at Savera Hotel, Cookie Man and Banyan to handle variety of vehicles.

This program aims at training young women who have completed middle school education, to be chauffeurs/valets/commercial drivers.

A driver’s average salary ranges from Rs.8000 to Rs.10000/month.


WHO report states that a developing country like India requires more number of Optometrists to work with rural and urban people. ANEW in partnership with sight care foundation, began “Community Optometric Course” which commenced in August 2010 to meet the society’s increasing need for Optometrist. The students who have completed their high school education, with basic mathematical aptitude are eligible to train as an optometrist. The course duration is 3 months which includes practical classes that are conducted in hospitals, religious places, schools and clinics.

The average salary of an optometrist ranges from Rs.6000 to Rs.9000/month