ANEW Press Room -2010

The Very Grim comedian April 9, 2010

grim comedian A Woman Alone, Italian Nobel Prize Winning Playwright Dario Fo's dark comedy, about an aspect of women not many of us may be familiar with, will be staged in the city this weekend. We bring you a sneak peak...


Women On Top April 9 , 2010

women_on_top A women today wears many hats- that of a mother, wife, daughter, lover, career women and more. So when Mithran Devanesan chanced upon the short plays of Nobel Prize Winner Dario Fo, he was not only moved, but also charged up to tell the stories....


Change agent January 10, 2010

change-agent Tamil Nadu: ANEW helps underprivileged women start their lives afresh, trains them in various skills

By Kavitha Muralidharan

Every day at 9 a.m. in the office of the Association for Non-Traditional Employment for women (ANEW), hope sets in like sunshine. Women walk in, smiling and giggling, happy at having left their weary lives outside the gates of ANEW. They begin afresh, hoping to change their lives a bit by the time the leave in the evening.