ANEW Press Room - 2006

ANEW has trained 2278 poor girls to get jobs December 17-23, 2006

trainedGirlsSmall Association for Non- Traditional Employment for Women (a non-profit welfare society functioning in 3362/A2 AE Block 8th Street, Anna Nagar) has, in the course of the last 9 years, trained 2278 girls from poor families in various vocations to acquire economic self sufficiency.

Awareness classes

Apart from our regular self awareness classes for our girls, Staff from PCVC (Crime Prevention & Victim Care) conducted classes on family violence and how to overcome it.

ANEW Module

For the last 16 months, Tamilnadu Foundation is supporting our girls by way of stipends. To establish a sense of commitment and accountability, our students are encouraged to "sponsor" another girl in the following batch. On getting well paying jobs, the girls return a small amount to the Tamilnadu Foundation and thus keep the cycle going. Being the first of its kind, the Tamilnadu Foundation has termed it “ The ANEW Module ”. We are proud of our girls for setting this trend.

A NEW future after school

Bhagyalakshmi's father is a railway binder and her mother, a housewife. It seemed as if her life was going to stagnate after she finished her plus-two with her helping out her mother in their house at Tirumullaivayal. That was before September 2001 when she heard about a social service organisation that was giving free coaching in computer to girls who had been through school. Read More...

Storming the male bastion

THE ASSOCIATION for Non-traditional Employment for Women (ANEW), a non-profit organisation in Anna Nagar, helps women from an underprivileged background develop vocational skills that will help put bread on the table for their families. Read More...

Program launched to train women as car drivers

programLaunchedSmall Chennai: In a bid to empower economically backward women in the city, a car driver training course was launched on Wednesday jointly by the Inner wheel Club of Madras East and the Association for Non- Traditional Employment for Women (ANEW).

'A new’ lease of life …

leaseLifeSmall This organization trains under-privileged women free of cost and provides access to practical job skills.