Impact - Mentee Experiences


Lalitha Nagesh - Trustee, Mahila Unnati Koota (Munnota) Charitable Trust , Bengaluru.

It is indeed a privilege to write about the inspiration ANEW has been to us. While in Chennai, I was closely associated with ANEW right from its inception and also volunteered there. It takes a lot for a generous thought to germinate-to make it grow into a big tree requires dedication and sincerity and belief. The zeal with which the members of ANEW have worked to make the establishment a roaring success is indeed commendable. The very idea of contributing to the economic independence of the girl child was so inspiring, that when it was time to move to Bangalore, I had in my mind that we should try to emulate such an outstanding example. ANEW is doing a great job in emancipating women, and their contribution to society is noteworthy. We are trying in a small way to follow in the footsteps of ANEW by starting a similar organisation in Bangalore called Mahila Unnati Koota(Munnota) Charitable Trust. ANEW has helped every step of the way since the Trust was set up and if we are seeing a small amount of success,it is because of the support and encouragement given by ANEW.

May the good work continue!