Individual Donor

At ANEW, we believe everyone deserves a life filled with independence, hope and dignity. The underprivileged women community needs us, and we need you. Because of increased demand for our courses due to the opportunities available, ANEW needs your support now more than ever. We depend on you and others who share our values of faith, compassion and generosity.

You can trust that your contribution will make a difference as 100% of your donation goes directly to ANEW’S programs. ANEW is registered under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Our stamped receipt will allow you to claim this exemption.

Sponsor a student

S.No Proposed Activities Amount
1 Home Nursing Rs.8,300
2 IT Skills Rs.5,000
3 IT for Hearing Impaired Rs.5,000
4 DTP Rs.5,000
5 Tally & Accounting Rs.5,500
6 Car Driving Rs.15,000
7 Vision Care Technician Rs.5,000

Individual Volunteer

Volunteering Opportunities


Please select the volunteer opportunities listed below or provide your area of interest in the form provided below along with your contact information. We will get back to you shortly.


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