2003 – Two-Wheeler Maintenance; Auto-Rickshaw Driving; Personality Development and other new initiatives


After successfully laying a strong foundation for ANEW, Mrs. Lakshmi Kumar, who served the organization for six fruitful years as the President, stepped down from office. Mrs. Vatsala Ramakrishnan, who was supporting the cause of ANEW with a lot of passion as a committee member, was elected as President in June 2003.

ANEW, led by an able and confident leader, widened its curriculum by initiating a two wheeler maintenance course. Students were enthusiastic and were trained by Mr. Ajit Chordia at Khivraj motors and the trainees were stationed at MOP Vaishnav College for Women in Chennai.

ANEW pioneered a truly ‘non-traditional’ course in auto driving for students who had an aptitude and dream to take control of their lives, by staying behind the wheels. This course has been the pride of ANEW. ANEW found placement for the trainees at Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Anna Nagar, asauto-drivers, to transport children.

2003 saw the introduction of a personality development program for all students enrolled at ANEW. The program was added to the existing syllabus to instil confidence and work ethics amongst them – Spoken English, which aims at improving the communication skills of the students, was introduced and made mandatory for all the students enrolled at ANEW whereas counselling and self-awareness was introduced for Basic computer/DTP batches.

Mrs. Vatsala Ramakrishnan introduced the concept of generating funds through “Fund Raisers” in 2003. The first fund raising event, a theatre event, was organized and all the committee members were given specific roles to make the event a success.

Subcommittees, comprising of committee members, were formed for the first time to ensure the effective and efficient functioning of administrative work at ANEW. Each subcommittee was assigned a specific activity to focus on.

2003 also saw the first Alumni meeting being organized for all ANEW graduates. An interactive session with the alumni helped assess the extent of positive impact ANEW had brought about in their lives.

ANEW’s newsletter was first written this year and circulated to all the life-members to keep them informed and involved in the activities at the centre.

Cavin Care partnered with ANEW to offer a beautician course for underprivileged women this year.

In an effort to expand the network of supporters, a much needed initiative to create a website for ANEW was undertaken.