What is ANEW?

ANEW, Association for Non traditional Employment for Women, is a registered Non-Government Organization (NGO) committed to training underprivileged women, aged between 18 and 35 years in non traditional skills and thereby empowering them. ANEW is run by a committed group of women, from varied backgrounds, who believe strongly in the cause of women empowerment.

What is the core objective of ANEW?

Literacy rate for women in India is 51%. Despite the low literacy rate, the employment of women in some of the industries in India is high. Statistics show women from socially and economically backward sections of the society are generally employed in traditional and unorganized sectors as, domestic helps, agricultural workers and laborers in the construction industry. Such women are insecure, underpaid and do not enjoy any of the benefits of their counterparts in formal sectors. ANEW strives to bridge this gap by imparting the necessary skills to such women enabling them to secure reasonably well paid employment in certain formal sectors.

Why the emphasis on "women"?

Empowerment of women has a catalytic effect on every dimension of development: lower child and maternal mortality rates; increased educational attainment by daughters and sons; higher productivity; and improved environmental management etc. Together, these can mean faster economic growth and more importantly, wider distribution of the fruits of this growth

What are the courses taught at ANEW?

Home nursing, Car driving, Auto driving, Basic Computer Applications, Multimedia, Tally & Accounting and Optometry. We constantly review and update our courses according to the market needs.

Does ANEW charge for it's services?

Training is provided 100% free of cost. ANEW members are committed to the cause of women empowerment. We are passionate about its benefits. This is our way of giving-back to society. Therefore, all committee members and some of our teachers are volunteers. Additional administrative expenses are met by dedicated support from committed donors who have generously financed our growth over the past few years. This is their way of acknowledging that ANEW is delivering results at the grass-root levels. Hence, 100% of donor funds go towards educating girls.

How do you authenticate your courses?

All our courses are certified jointly by a well known and well establish player in the relevant industry, after careful review and scrutiny.

What is the basis for candidate selection?

The main criteria for the selection of candidates, eligible to attend our courses is that they have the basic education from government run schools or colleges.

Are all employees volunteers in your center?

We have 4 teaching staff and 3 administrative staff, who are paid. All the others, involved in our organization are volunteers.

What is the scope of this training initiative?

In over 4 months we teach women the basic skills in the selected courses, which takes them to a level where they are employable, in achievable stages.

What do you do for women who want to continue their training beyond the basic level?

We encourage and guide the trainees, to pursue formal courses relevant to their employment, which would provide them the opportunity to grow in their career. Trainees continue to visit the center for further guidance. Many of our trainees have moved up the ladder, after making use of the training provided at ANEW as a stepping stone.

What is the methodology used at ANEW?

ANEW selects underprivileged women based on specific critera, sets up courses, monitors their functioning, trains and retrains teachers and helps garner funding so that more women have a chance to get trained to improve their employability rates. ANEW ensures that donor funds go directly, in their entirety, for running the projects, paying the teachers and for educational tools. The administration costs and overheads are NOT charged to donor accounts. These are borne entirely by the main sponsors.

ANEW monitors the performance of the women and grades the training provided. All along, objective criteria are used and regular reporting is done.

We have a proven model consisting of a training centre, curriculum and training methodology. We establish our teaching modules and ensure successful implementation.

How does a donor benefit?

A donor interested in empowerment of women, will find in ANEW an established organization with proven skills and facilities to run in a very cost-effective manner. The donor’s money is being optimally spent since the training model is proven and the results are monitored objectively at each stage. Regular reports are sent to donors so they can track the progress of ANEW. In the final analysis, the performance of the women in their work place speaks for itself.

Can I visit the training centre myself?

Yes, please get in touch with our office and they will arrange a visit. You can then see for yourself the improvement in mental agility and the new-found self-confidence displayed by our women.

What is the minimum contribution for ANEW?

There is no minimum or maximum contribution. Any amount is welcome either as a one-time contribution or as a regular annual commitment. Regular commitments would be used for student sponsorship program.

Who are the major donors that are partnering ANEW?

Please refer to the sponsors section to view our list of prime Sponsors

How can I get my Company involved?

Introduce ANEW and its workings to your company and its employees. If your company does work related to the courses we offer here, they can provide internship opportunities to our trainees. Otherwise your company could participate as a general donor. Please refer to our volunteer/sponsor section for more information.

Will ANEW give me a certificate for Income Tax exemption?

Yes, ANEW is registered under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Our stamped receipt will allow you to claim this exemption.

How can I send my donation to ANEW?

You can use the Bank Transaction details provided in the sponsor section to make the payment safely through wire transfer OR Please send your cheque to our office address, mentioned in our contact us. Cheque should be drawn in the name of “ANEW”.

Can I sponsor a student? If yes, what does it cost?

The cost of sponsoring a student ranges from Rs 3000 to Rs. 6000 (USD 65) per student, depending on the course selection. Please refer to sponsor section for more information.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, quarterly or half-yearly payments could be factored into our schedule. Please inform our office in advance.