How Corporates can make an Impact

ANEW receives 90% of our funding support from corporate sponsors.  We can meet with corporates and charitable foundations to present tailored proposals that align with your values and goals for social change.

IMMEDIATE GOAL: Expand our curriculum with improved training tools, materials, infrastructure and subsequently reach out to wider section of the society.

Project Time Frame

1 year

Project Target

The project will target a maximum of 60 underprivileged women with unsuccessful professional degree training, in the age group 21- 25 years, unable to equip themselves with employability skills due to prevailing social and economic disadvantages faced by their families and communities.

Salient Features

The ANEW model ensures that there is flexibility in terms of pace of teaching, teaching methodology, time-table etc. that is customized for every batch of trainees so that no eligible candidate is left out of the program.

The ANEW focus is that the training has requisite quality and is student centered and gender-sensitive. It is based on a curriculum that is relevant to the needs and reality of learners, and relies on trained teachers equipped with appropriate learning materials. Training is held in a professional environment – one that is safe, clean and conducive to learning. Curriculum at ANEW is designed so that apart from imparting education it also moulds the trainee’s personality in a positive way. All efforts are made that egalitarian values, confidence, self motivation, social ethics and health education are integrated in the curriculum.


The target number of students is in the range of 60 - 70. Ideally our effort is to establish courses that have good employability rates.  Sponsored course is proposed in the following field.

Sl.No Course Name No. of girls that will be supported/year
1. Basic programming skills (php,mysql) 60

Proposed Activities

1. Mobilization of funds and community volunteers to support the programs
2. Training of teachers
3. Development of curriculum and TLM
4. Focused training for 5 to 10 women in each batch
5. 2 months learning in the classroom
6. A reputed assessment body to assess and certify trainees
7. Internship program to provide exposure
8. Placements for the trainees

Budgetary Requirement

Annual cost of supporting the project: INR 300,000 or USD 6500.

Initial setup costs: INR 100,000 or USD 2500

Measurable Outcomes

ANEW will work with Foundations and Corporate Sponsors to set up a phased implementation program and agree measurable indicators of success and milestone outcomes, with ongoing reporting on performance to a Program Steering Committee.


ANEW offers a program for change based on a model that has been proven in the field, is scalable and constrained only by funding.  A partnership with Corporate Sponsors will achieve social and economic outcomes in alignment with the goals of the sponsors.  The opportunity to present a detailed project proposal will be greatly appreciated.

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Please contact ANEW President, Ms. Vinodhini Sudhindran to discuss how we can work with you. 
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