ANEW is strongly supported by a group of well-wishers from a varied career background, guiding and advising us on various issues whenever their expertise is required.

Ms. Canie Franklin

Volunteer & Home Nursing Incharge


Canie joined ANEW as a teacher of Spoken English, but her dedication and commitment soon saw her become a part of the ANEW team. She is the Home nursing project incharge but has also contributed significantly to transforming the accounting process to online from manual. Canie is very committed to serving at ANEW as a volunteer and advisor on admin matters.

Ms. Suchitra Menon

Volunteer & Housekeeping Incharge


Suchitra has a background in housekeeping and has headed the housekeeping team in leading hotels of Chennai. With her experience, she oversees the housekeeping course at ANEW. This course is run as and when ANEW identifies beneficiaries who meet the job requirement. Suchitra is also a keen supporter of extracurricular events at ANEW.

Dr. C.P. Parvathy

Professor of Mathematics (Retired), SDNB Vaishnav College for Women

dr-c-pAn ex-committee member, Dr Parvathy has been providing continuous support to the administration of the organization. She was responsible for introducing processes in the organisation and continues to be a guiding light, especially in matters of administration and operations management. Though she has currently relocated to another city, she is always available to provide ANEW her valuable inputs.

Dr. Vijaya Bharathi

Trustee & Director, Sundaram Medical Foundation.

dr-vijayabharathi-smfA believer in the cause of underprivileged women, she has been a strong support to the organization. Dr.Vijaya Bharathi was instrumental in the success of the home nursing course – the very first training program offered at ANEW. She continues to guide and help ANEW in whatever capacity possible.

Ms. Neena Reddy

MD, Savera group of hotels

ms-neena-reddyMs. Neena Reddy whole heartedly welcomed ANEW’s training concepts and supports the projects in whatever capacity possible. She continuously helps ANEW’s car driving project trainees with additional training and placements.


Chief Commissioner (Retired), Dept of Income Tax.


Mr. V.Venugopal, Chief Commissioner of Income tax (Retd), is the asset controller trustee of ANEW. He advises the committee on financial matters and on the guidelines issued by the government for NGOs.

Mr. Muthukrishnan

Company Executive (Retired)

mr-muthukrishnanA well-wisher and a volunteer, he has been involved in all our important administrative decisions, guiding and sharing his valuable advice. Mr. Muthukrishnan takes part actively during the general body sessions conducted annually.

Mr. Sudhindran

Auditor, Sudhindran & Co

mr-sudhindranA valuable contributor to ANEW, as its financial advisor, Mr. Sudhindran assists ANEW in all its financial decisions. He helps in crucial decisions involving bank transactions, investments and in maintaining ANEW’s accounts in the proper format.

Ms. Deepa Harigovind

Lawyer, Madras High Court

ms-deepa-harigovidMs Deepa Harigovind offers her services to the organization, helping the underprivileged women with personal issues. She provides ANEW the legal expertise and counsels trainees whenever the need arises.

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